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Aloha Chiropractic
Dr. Chad Sato
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Aloha Chiropractic 

Welcome to Aloha Chiropractic, a healing center committed to empowering each and every individual to find their true self and live life in the present. We help people engage their own healing process through personalized Network Chiropractic care and our Life Talks.

Network care is a gentle, highly effective technique for activating the body's self-healing capacities and abilities. Practice members report dramatic improvements in all areas of health and well-being including reduction of pain, fewer illnesses, better relationships and an increase in energy and enjoyment of life.  One learns to develop their own internal strategies that allows one to adapt to the different challenges and stresses that we experience in the past and in the present.  Once we take ownership and responsibility for the choices we make in our lives and by truly being present and connected with our bodies do we experience a fuller and dynamic life. 

A revolutionary approach to health, healing and personal growth.

Aloha Chiropractic
2930 E. Manoa Road
Honolulu, HI  96822

(808) 988-5532